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Reflections in Worship: COP26

On Sunday the 24th October we gathered in worship - very mindful of the importance and complexity of COP26 - to celebrate the goodness of the world created by God, express sadness and anger at the damage we have done to it, and commit to working to seeing it protected and one day, restored.

Our service took the shape of a series of readings from the Bible, Pope Francis and Julian of Norwich - reflecting the whole story of creation and how beautiful yet fragile it is.

We closed our service saying words of commitment and hope together, which we share here for others to join in:

We look forward to the day

when the river of life will flow as clear as


We choose to work for the day

when the tree of life will bear fruit

and its leaves will be for the healing of the


We choose to live now

in anticipation of eternity

on a renewed earth,

creation no longer cursed,

with you, God, at the centre of it all.

Your words are trustworthy and true:

Help us, God, to work with


Your word says earth will be renewed:

Help us, God, to work with


[Doxecology Study Guide pp.77-78]

Following the service, those who attended church in person shared soup together to support Christian Aid.

We will continue with the theme of creation and humanity, next Sunday as we wait and reflect on God's greatness.

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