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Staff and Leadership

Where to Turn for Religious Guidance

Rev Peter Davidge

Interim Moderator

Minister at Gallowgate Parish Church, Peter was appointed as Interim Moderator to help the congregation though our vacancy.

Leadership: Leadership

The commitment of the staff and leadership at Gorbals Parish Church is at the heart of what makes us a living, thriving church.

Session Clerks


Church Cleaner

Leadership: Leadership

Our Groups

Finance, Staffing, Buildings and Digital



Leadership: Leadership

Former Ministers

Following the union of Gorbals John Knox, St Ninian's Wynd, Abbotsford Chalmers and Laurieston Renwick, the modern Gorbals Parish Church has had 5 ministers, an associate minister and an assistant minister.

Rev Ian F Galloway BA BD

Rev Catherine Beattie BD (Assistant)

Rev William McKaig BD (Associate)

Rev David McLachlan BD

Rev Myra D W Smith

Rev William Muir MacPherson BD

Rev John M. Bissett MA

Leadership: List

More of our key leadership


Fabric Convener

Safeguarding Coordinator

Congregational Data Protection Coordinator

Leadership: Team Members
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