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Crossing the Clyde

As part of the Presbytery of Glasgow's Presbytery Plan, we are partnering with Gallowgate Parish and Calton Parkhead Parish churches, our neighbours from across the river.

Coming together over the course of the next few years will see new relationships, celebrations and organisations take form. If you would like to find out more about how this will work, please contact the Sessions Clerk.

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Calton Parkhead

Churches across the Green: Join Us

The Journey

Our partnership will cover a journey of working together, learning from each other, and sharing ideas and resources, in order to build up new expressions of outreach and care across the three parishes.

For Gorbals Parish Church, our journey began during the Covid-19 pandemic in transforming how we come together in prayer and praise. As we begin to work together with Gallowgate and Calton Parkhead parishes, our journey will continue in finding a common mission and vision for God's love across both sides of the River Clyde.

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Faith Development Programs
Prayer Group

A new form of worship

God's love and guidance comes in many forms, and how we worship together is no different with our Worship Group enabling new ways of prayer, song and praise.

Getting to know each other

We want to invite a warm welcome to all across the three parishes, identifying how we can build enduring relationships, and provide opportunities to socialise.

Finding a common Ministry

Retaining our unique and individual identity, we want to explore how we can share in the Word of God with our friends in the Gallowgate and Calton Parkhead.

Churches across the Green: What's Happening
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